Vidigueira Branco — Wine and Cante Fair 01/04/2015

From April 3rd to April 5th, we celebrate the wine and the cante (a traditional music genre from Alentejo, southern Portugal) on a special event taking place in Vidigueira: Vidigueira Branco Wine and Cante Fair.

Between wines and flavors, white wines and Antão Vaz grape variety will own a prominent place on this fair which promotes the excellent wine production of our region, as well as our gastronomic traditions.

Cante alentejano, which was internationally recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage, will also be honored with choral groups’ performances on the first day of the event.

On Saturday, you’ll be able to discover our bottling line, installed with the aim of providing the best possible product, and to find the barrels in which we keep our much appreciated wines.

To know more about our visits, please contact us using the number (+351) 284437240 or our e-mail address:

Happy Easter!

Vidigueira, whe wine is a journey…

Vidigueira Branco — Wine and Cante Fair
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