Winery of Vidigueira recognized as Cooperative of the year 15/02/2016

The Winery of Vidigueira was distinguished with one of the most prestigious awards from the viticulture and wine making sectors by being selected as “Cooperative of the Year”. The recognition was given by Revista dos Vinhos, a specialized magazine which has been promoting the awards “Best of the year” for 19 years.

These awards, considered the Oscars of wine, were given at the National Velodrome — High Performance Centre in Sangalhos, Anadia. On a ceremony where about 900 people were present, among them the magazine’s team and the main agents from the wine and food sectors, namely wine producers, wine makers, viticulture technicians,  wine specialists and national businesspeople, the Winery of Vidigueira stepped on stage to receive this distinction for the first time.

Regarding this award, José Miguel Almeida, the Winery’s president, says that «we are very happy to see our work recognized once again, this time by one of the most important wine publications in the country. This award distinguishes our more than 300 members and demonstrates what we have been doing for the region, which is today a well known and inevitable reference for wine lovers».

 «This year is very special for us because we celebrate 55 years of existence, which makes us one of the oldest Cooperative Wineries in the country and this factor gives this achievement an even sweeter taste», José Miguel Almeida continues.

This award «celebrates all the investment and work we are developing in order to keep being a current winery, adapted to the sector’s and market’s trends, but especially to foster features of excellence in our region, whether through the focus on regional grape varieties, as is the case of Antão Vaz, whether through other grape varieties that find great development conditions in the region, as what happens with Alicante Bouschet», the Winery’s president concludes.

The research for the awards is done a priori during the year. During this period, the intervenient team carries out several tastings and visits to wineries as a way of choosing the winners, according to editorial criteria, with greater precision and assurance. From these arise the ones who represent the best from the Portuguese wine sector.

The nominees are divided according to the categories “Excellence Awards”, “The Best of Portugal” and “Best Buys”. Besides wines, there are nineteen categories distinguished by the magazine with “Special Awards”, namely the award for “Cooperative of the Year”.

It is also worth mentioning that, also this year, the winery had four wines distinguished with the “Best Buy” seal, also attributed by Revista de Vinhos: Homenagem ao Cante (red), Vidigueira Antão Vaz (white) e Vigueira Alicante Bouschet (red).

Winery of Vidigueira recognized as Cooperative of the year
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