Portuguese Wine Experts Association awards Winery of Vidigueira 23/12/2015

The Winery of Vidigueira achieved three awards to join the more than twenty received in 2015. On this occasion, the awards were attributed by the Portuguese Wine Experts Association (Escanções de Portugal) to Aguardente Vínica Velha (Brandy), Vidigueira Licoroso DOC Alentejo (Liqueur Wine) and Vinho Licoroso Vasquinho (Vasquinho Liqueur Wine).

The classifications of 86, 85 and 84 points respectively represented two silver awards and a bronze award (Tambuladeiras), leading these three wines to become a part of the best national liqueur wines and brandies list, revealed in the last edition of Escanção magazine.

In a year when the quality of the Winery’s products has been recognized both nationally and internationally, the president, José Miguel Almeida, feels «very proud and extremely grateful to see the quality of the Winery’s products being recognized. It is to us, associates and collaborators, gratifying and motivating to receive such important signs, especially from the sector’s experts».

The president adds that «these Tambuladeiras, as the other awards we have won, motivate and challenge us to create paths that allow us to cement and even outdo the excellent results we have been achieving».

For the winemaker, Luís Leão, wining these Tambuladeiras «has a very special taste, as they award two completely different product categories: brandy and liqueur wine. It is very gratifying for us here in the Winery to boost and promote Vidigueira’s wine potential, demonstrating the great diversity allowed by our grape varieties».

In addition to receiving several awards for great part of its portfolio, the Winery of Vidigueira is celebrating its 55 years and has also obtained considerable results regarding the sales volume.

Portuguese Wine Experts Association awards Winery of Vidigueira
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