Workshop: Introduction to sensory wine tasting 09/03/2015

Is it «floral on the nose»? Does it have «tropical notes»?

Holding a wine bottle, it is easy to find several expressions like these or others like «notes of honey, vanilla and nuts» or «slightly spiced». And what is after all a «long and persistent finish» and a «complex and full-bodied» wine?

Aiming at opening the doors of the oenology world to all wine lovers, the Cooperative Winery of Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito has developed the workshop «Introduction to sensory wine tasting», within its wine tourism program.

Because we are in the heart of Alentejo and we believe in this journey through wines and flavors, we have focused in an invitation to the visit, to the encounter with the region and to the discovery of its traditions and products. This is why we created the concept Vidigueira Wine Taste (VWT), offering the possibility to know our vineyards, our winepress and to taste our wines in one of our several wine tastings.

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Vidigueira, when wine is a journey…

 Workshop: Introduction to sensory wine tasting
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