November 22nd, a data that that will live in our memory… 22/11/2013

Today, November 22nd 2013, we gathered three great motives for this day to be memorable, which fills us with pride. If in one hand we open our new industrial infrastructure, in search of greater competitiveness, a desire we’ve been nurturing for a while, in other hand, we’ve consolidated, together with our members, partners, collaborators and official entities – with the presence of  the Secretary of State for Agriculture – our search for a greater differentiation of our wines, through the presentation of the rebranding we’ve been developing, culminating with the launch of a wine that is our inspiration, made from Antão Vaz, known as Vidigueira grape variety.

Another initiative joins this two moments, the official presentation of the first choral group from a winery, The Choral Group of the Cooperative Winery of Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito that brings the promise to warm us with their «cante» in the journey we promised the consumers… Vidigueira, when wine is a journey.  

November 22nd, a data that that will live in our memory…
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