We crossed the Atlantic 23/04/2015

We sailed to Brazil and on April 20th the Cooperative Winery of Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito participated on a free wine tasting on the Victoria Hotel Concept Campinas, in Campinas. This event was organized by EV – Essência do Vinho and received the participation of 15 national wine producers aiming to promote Portuguese wines in the Brazilian market, with a free wine tasting for the press, opinion makers and trade players.


The journey continues and between April 22nd and April 24th we will present at 19th edition of Expovinis Brazil, on Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo. This event will gather 15 producers representing the Portugal Farmers’ Confederation and 10 producers representing the wines from Alentejo, in which our winery is included with our white and red wines.


The tasting at the event in Campinas was led by the wine critic Rui Falcão and the tastings at Expovinis Brazil will be led also by Rui Falcão and Alexandre Lalas.


Vidiguiera, when wine is a journey… to the rhythm of samba.

We crossed the Atlantic
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