Wines from the Cooperative Winery of Vidigueira win more “gold” 24/02/2016

The Cooperative Winery of Vidigueira is honoured once more with a relevant distinction in the wine sector. The wines Vidigueira Antão Vaz and Vidigueira Licoroso received the Gran Oro awards in the Still Wines and Fortified and Liqueur Wines categories.

For the Winery it is a great pride to receive these Gran Oro awards, once it reveals an achievement higher than the traditional golden medal and also because the awards were attributed in Spain by the prestigious Concurso Internacional de Vinos y Espirituosos Cinve 2016.

During four days, Huelva hosted an event considered an international reference in the sector, Cinve 2016. This edition included the 12th edition of the Concurso Internacional de Vinos y Espirituosos and the 7th edition of Cata Internacional de Aceites de Oliva Virgen Extra.

It is during this period that tasters from all over the world have the opportunity to know the charms and virtues of the products offered for consideration at the festival, as well as the province chosen to host the event.

These factors turn Cinve into a vehicle of excellence for the promotion of the Winery’s portfolio, having already demonstrated the excellence of its wines in Spanish territory, and that once again won’t go unnoticed. 

The winery’s wine maker, the engineer Luís Leão, states that regarding the winner wines «these are wines from our portfolio that perfectly demonstrate the range and diversity of our production capacity and the potential of our region».

«The market’s recognition that we have been achieving regarding our best wines assures the perception that the Winery of Vidigueira has a vast offer for different types of consumers, always assuring the quality of our brand», the wine maker concludes.

The many awards the Cooperative Winery of Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito has recently won demonstrate the excellence of the important work that is being developed by the company in order to fulfill a vision for the future which the Winery has known to envision, develop and apply.

Wines from the Cooperative Winery of Vidigueira win more “gold”
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