Winery of Vidigueira hosts “Grão Capítulo” 07/04/2016

On April 9th, the Winery of Vidigueira will host the I Ordinary Session of the 2016 Assembly (“Grão Capítulo”) of the Confraternity of Wine Experts from Alentejo.

Choosing the Winery to host this important annual meeting shows the broad capacity and versatility offered by its premises, as well as the growing orientation to expand the existing activities.

Having as purposes the defence, prestige, valorisation and promotion of vineyards and wines from Alentejo, the Confraternity also promotes a set of initiatives during the year throughout the wine region, such as wine tasting courses, visits to national and international wine regions, wine contests and themed meetings. 

Winery of Vidigueira hosts “Grão Capítulo”
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