The Winery of Vidigueira receives two medals at Mundus Vini 2016 01/03/2016

Since its first edition in 2001, this competition receives wines from the best producing regions twice a year and has been achieving the consumers’ recognition. The evaluation by an internationally recognized jury promotes the quality and excellent features of the wines in the competition.

These two medals are added to a large list of national and international conquests that have been increasing the public’s and the critic’s praise and awareness. Given the winery’s positive results, the president José Miguel Almeida states that «these medals, as other awards we have been receiving, are mobilizing factors for the entire team and motivate us to maintain the superior quality level to which we have been accustoming the consumers of our wines».

«Our ambition, our will to grow and to take our wines and our region even further is growing and is renewed and strengthen by the recognition given to our work. On the other hand, we also have the wish to bring more people to us to discover the unique products the Winery has to offer», the Winery’s president says.

Having embraced the challenge to renew and diversify the Winery of Vidigueira’s portfolio, the wine maker Luís Leão is one of the main responsible people for the recent successes. «The range of our offer is today at a level of unquestionable prestige. From white to red wines, the consumers’ and the critic’s acceptance leaves no doubts and encourages us to innovate. There is a strong possibility that we will present a few surprises by the end of the year...», he says.

Strongly motivated by the visibility the awards have brought, the Winery of Vidigueira is committed to maintain the high stakes and indicates wine tourism development and exports increase as the next goals.

The Winery of Vidigueira receives two medals at Mundus Vini 2016
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